Introducing: Installer Trainee Bundles

Installer Trainee Bundles are here! The first in a series of practical training workshops designed to support engineers in their practical training skills whilst working on the job. With the demand for qualified engineers rising, there’s never been a better time to train your installers. To help businesses achieve this, we’ve created a suite of brand new installer trainee bundles for organisations that need to train their installers from scratch to high industry levels and provide a perfect alternative to hiring externally.

How does it work?

Each bundle is comprised of up to three workshop-based courses which learners attend over a series of visits to either our Hampshire or Shipley training centres. The Fire Trainee Bundle is comprised of two workshop courses and one distance learning programme. Each practical visit can last up to 5 days and covers all the practical aspects of the training, as well as the theory needed to attain the formal qualification.  Trainees will emerge as certified technical engineers, equipped with the knowledge required to work within legal guidelines and complete work to a high standard. This provides businesses with the confidence that their installers are undertaking quality work.

The new Installer Trainee Bundles cover the following technical training programmes:

The next generation of technical security engineers

The bundles utilise Tavcom’s expertise and state-of-the-art training facilities to engage learners requiring comprehensive training. Andrew Saywell, Group Sales Manager for Tavcom Training, said: “The new Installer Trainee Bundles are the first of their kind in the industry. We’re seeing a growing demand from companies looking to invest their engineers in practical training courses that cover all the aspects of that particular job role, without sending them to training here and there. By creating these new bundles, businesses can see the full scope of the training their installer will receive, the dates of the training in advance, and the total number of formal qualifications earned. We’ve also priced each bundle competitively so it saves the company money in the long-run.”

Upon successful completion of the workshops, learners will have earned a total of up to three formal certificates (either BTEC or the industry-recognised Tavcom Training Certificate), and up to 24 CPE points

Saywell continues: “We’re already seeing a high level of interest in the new bundles and feedback from clients has been positive. Learners too are finding it easier as they’re completing related training relatively close together which aids in knowledge retention.”

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