IP and the Latest Security Systems Installations

The move to IP-enabled and dependent security products and systems has been rapid especially in recent years. Many people who have been working in the security sector for a long time have found adapting to this pace of change to be a challenge. However, getting to grips with Internet Protocol (IP) is one of the most important skills that benefit both professional and even personal lives. This is the experience of Billy Paton, the Scotland and Ireland Sales Manager for the UK door entry and access control products manufacturer – Videx.

Today, an understanding of IP and networking is becoming a pre-requisite for security professionals involved in the manufacture, specification, installation and use of systems. New and innovative IP-enabled products are seemingly coming onto the market every day, and one such recent innovation has been a new IP door entry product from Videx, a company with over 30 years door entry and access control experience that also has a reputation for investing in training. So, when Billy was presented with an opportunity via Videx to study with Tavcom Training for a BTEC Level 5 Certificate in Professional Practices of Security Network Design, he grasped it.

The online course has been designed by Tavcom to take even people with little or no knowledge of IP and give them a deep understanding of the technology and its application in the security industry. Its 12 modules cover topics including Wi-Fi and broadband; bandwidth; routers and routing; network management; local area networks; IPv6; transmission media, standards and security.

Billy explains how the knowledge he has gained since taking the course is helping him at Videx: “An installer recently asked my advice on how to implement an IP system within an existing network infrastructure. This is a question I would have been weary of in the past, but I was able to confidently give him chapter and verse on how to design, install, commission test and manage it, as well as how to use Videx products on the network. He was impressed and appreciative in equal measure.”

The BTEC course can be completed in approximately 240-hours, but for Billy it wasn’t about getting the qualification quickly; rather about getting the most from the online modules, as well as the interaction and assessments with the tutor. “Having not studied for many years, I was surprised to discover that I really enjoyed it and found myself immersed in every module,” adds Billy, who passed with flying colours with some of the highest scores achieved on the course. “I can compare completing the course to getting my black belt in Tae Kwon Do. It’s daunting to start with and there was blood, sweat and tears along the way, but it was well worth it. I can honestly say I am as proud to receive my BTEC certificate as I was when I was presented with my black belt, as both are more about enjoying a continuous journey rather than just doing the basics and seeking a destination”

Billy also explained that this has given him a platform for continuous learning and also has provided him with great knowledge which he will be implementing in his day to day role within Videx

He concludes: “Another benefit is that I now have a greater understanding and appreciation of the internet-enabled world we live in and have become the go-to person for family and friends when they experience any internet issues!”

“I would like to thank John Rickard our MD at Videx for this fantastic educational opportunity, also Peter Mason my tutor for all the support and guidance and finally Tavcom for providing a fantastic educational journey.”

For more information about the Professional Practices of Security Network Design (BTEC Level 5 Certificate) course visit: www.tavcom.com/distance-learning-courses/dl-2/ 

Credit: Graham Thatcher, Chief PR

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