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CCTV over IP Networking

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The rapid deployment of IP Networking, HD and Megapixel technologies is only being equalled by their rate of integration with other electronic security systems. The need to keep up to speed with the latest advances in technology has never been greater.  This interactive CCTV over IP online course will give you the essential skills required to deal with one of the major challenges facing the electronic security industry – the change from Analogue CCTV to CCTV over IP.

CCTV and IP Networking is one of the essential skills to learn on the way to becoming an integrated electronic security systems installer/ engineer.

Security Systems engineers install, maintain and repair all different types of electronic security systems such as CCTV, Intruder Alarms, Access Control, Fire Alarm and Detection Systems which help to protect both life and property. If you are keen on CCTV and IP Networking and want to use your practical skills, this would be a great career enhancing course for you.

Supported by your own online tutor and using a unique blend of essential theory and practical exercises, this fully interactive CCTV over IP Online course will give you the nearest alternative to traditional classroom training available today.

On successful completion of the course, you will receive an internationally accredited and recognised Tavcom certificate.

Study times and entry requirements

The course requires approximately 30 hours of study. One of the many benefits of online study is the ability to manage your learning programme yourself and to choose when and where you study.

Course Cost: £295   

Includes: VAT and Tavcom Certificate

Recommended Duration: 30 hours

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Course Content

CCTV Over IP Online Course Content

A brief summary of the course content:
This interactive distance learning course is divided into a number of modules, dealing with specific subjects. Each page contains a Learning Point to reinforce the content of that page, and regular self assessment questions are provided to check a student’s learning and progress throughout the course.

On completion of all modules, a 20 question Assessment and a Project is sent to each student. Upon successful completion of which results in an internationally recognised Tavcom Certificate.

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Feedback from students who have completed the course has been highly complimentary and from as far afield as Bermuda.

“I selected this course to further enhance the knowledge that I already had and to help set the standard for technicians working at my company,” said Rossini Lawrence, who is the Client Support Officer for security installation specialists G.E.T. Ltd who are based in Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda.“The course material was very informative, easy to navigate through and all my questions were answered in a timely manner by the tutor.”

“Importantly, participating in the course via the distance learning method was highly cost-effective, bearing in mind where we are located, as it negated the need to incur what would have been prohibitively expensive travel costs. Since completing the course, I have recommended to our company’s senior management that all our technicians should sign up to do the same.”

 World leading training provider

Marc CookMarc Cook, Head of Engineering for Kent based, Sunstone IP Systems said: “I saw this course as a great opportunity to either learn new information or to recap on CCTV related subjects that I already knew. The main reasons for choosing it instead of a classroom based course was to have the option of studying around my day-to-day job. Being head of engineering means it’s hard to take a week out to sit in a classroom whilst at the same time, trying to manage a team of engineers.

“I have previously done a few online courses and I must say this was one of the best when it came to interactivity and the video. I liked the way you can actually move the sliders around on some of the videos to see the difference in focusing, bandwidth, lens covers, latency, etc.”

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Peter Mason, M.Ed

Peter Mason - CCTV Over IP Online Tutor

Tavcom’s online tutor Peter Mason, brings to the course a wealth of experience as a technical trainer and consultant having specialised for over twenty years in Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and Internet Protocol (IP) (the basic communication language/protocol of the Internet), CCTV over IP, Voice over IP, Telecommunication and Data communications, the Asynchronous Transfer Mode (an optical networking technology), Broadband and the Internet.

Having trained some of Europe’s most prestigious IT companies he is a seasoned educator and able to combine practical instruction with global experience making technical training both interesting and enjoyable.

Peter, who is a fluent French speaker, specialises in combining practical instruction with global experience; making technical training interesting and relevant is a skill that makes his courses so unique.

Tavcom’s CCTV over IP Online Course leads to a prestigious, internationally recognised Tavcom certificate. Our courses are vocational and provide an alternative method in which to gain the essential skills and knowledge required for a career in the industry.


Course Pricing

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Telephone: +44 (0) 1489 895099

Course Cost: £295   

Includes: VAT and Tavcom Certificate

Recommended Duration: 30 hours

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We accept most major credit and debit cards.
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