Qualifications and Certification

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Qualifications and Certification

Tavcom works closely with all sectors of the security systems industry to promote the vital Continual Professional Development requirements of their members.

BTEC Awards and Tavcom Certificates
We offer our delegates the option of obtaining a BTEC qualification, certificated by the Edexcel Foundation, on all of our scheduled courses and Distance Learning courses. These BTEC Awards are at Intermediate, Advanced or Professional levels, according to the duration and complexity of the course. All delegates who successfully complete any course will automatically receive a Tavcom Training certificate which is recognised throughout the UK security industry and internationally.

Tavcom BTEC Security Diplomas
This Tavcom/ Edexcel initiative is a ‘first’ for the security industry. These BTEC Level 3 Diplomas offer the most comprehensive vocational qualifications currently available for installers, operators and all other personnel working in the security systems sector.

How can you obtain a BTEC Diploma?
A selection of courses in our CCTV, Systems, Operations and IP sections have been allocated 1 to 5 Diploma ‘units’ which are awarded upon successful completion of each course. Each of these units is equivalent to approximately 10 hours of study. To acquire a CCTV, Systems, Operations or Management Diploma you must accumulate a minimum of 22 Diploma units within a 5 year period. You must complete the compulsory ‘core’ courses which represent 11 units (CCTV Diploma), 12 units (Systems Diploma), 16 units (Operations Diploma) and 5 units (Management Diploma). You can then piece together your own selection of additional courses until you have built up a minimum of 22 units in total. You will then be awarded your Diploma.

Which courses should you choose?
After completing the compulsory courses you can plan your own route to your Diploma. Whether you are an installer, operator, sales person or consultant you may take whichever combination of courses is most relevant to your own personal situation and career ambitions. To determine which courses would be most suitable for you, please contact us for a confidential discussion and friendly advice. We will be happy to suggest the blend of courses which would be most beneficial in your own circumstances.

‘Fast Track’ Security Diploma
We have an exciting route to acquiring a Tavcom certified Integrated Systems Diploma. For those in a hurry this journey to success can be completed in a substantially shorter period of concentrated study, certified by an industry leading, regulated training authority.

How is it done?
Enrol on one of our ‘Fast Track’ programmes and you will be able to attend a special selection of courses on a ‘back to back’ basis over a short time span. In the case of our Systems Diploma you can receive an internationally recognised BTEC qualification in just one month!

For all those entering the security systems sector for the first time – including Armed Forces resettlement personnel – there is no quicker, easier or more cost-effective way to acquire a vocational qualification that is widely respected throughout the security industry.