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Norman-Target-MK9 with Case

CCTV Test Target – NORMAN

Our new, easily portable CCTV Test Target sets a new standard for optimising camera performance in CCTV systems. Designed with ‘user-friendliness’ in mind NORMAN (the National Operational Requirement Mannequin) is a lightweight, quickly erected structure supplied in a custom made aluminium carry case of just 600mm x 430mm x 170mm. The case cleverly doubles as a stable base for the Target when in use. Several new design features include a full colour graphic and accurately sized motor vehicle licence plate. NORMAN can be adapted for use in different regions of the world, by substituting for a local car registration plate and using facial features from other ethnic groups. Quickly and easily check the following parameters in ‘real world’ conditions:

  • Simple to use
  • Simply packed for transportation
  • Compatible with the HOSDB and Rotakin requirements
  • Quick to assemble
  • Operators Manual


  • Image Height Ratio
  • Resolution Focus Aid
  • Colour Rendering
  • Colour bars and greyscale
  • Facial Recognition
  • ANPR

The NORMAN™ CCTV TEST TARGET is the only test tool you need to prove your system meets the agreed Operational Requirement.

 £475.00 + VAT

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