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Each year, according to and Career Transition Partnership (CTP), 20,000 personnel leave the armed services.
For civilian employers, this provides an annual pool of talented, disciplined and motivated individuals seeking new careers,
many with the transferable skills that facilitate a speedy transition.

For those leaving the Forces, the transition to civilian employment can be a challenge. Which new vocation to choose? What qualifications are required? What are the career opportunities? Which employers to approach? Who can provide the support and information to help ensure a smooth transition?

The security systems sector is a varied, vibrant and rewarding sector. With a selection of professional roles and a progressive career structure to match, the security profession can provide the post-forces employment to match your personal post-military ambitions. Tavcom Resettlement is here to help. From, potential vacancies, industry information and sector specific training, Tavcom has the complete package to provide you with the skills, knowledge and qualifications that can give you the advantage in securing your second career.

Our parent division, Tavcom Training, is the leading security systems training company. We have been delivering a comprehensive portfolio of BTEC certificated courses to the armed services for over 20 years. Our courses are recognised by an extensive network of national, regional and local security systems employers and by security departments of leading organisations. They can also provide you with the knowledge necessary to start your own business!

Through offering the personal touch and an exclusive focus on transitioning forces personnel into security related employment, Tavcom Resettlement is a recruitment agency with a real difference.

Tavcom are members of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) and the British Forces Resettlement Services (BFRS). By finding your new post-forces career via Tavcom Resettlement you will be ensuring that your career transition is helping support a selection of military based charities.

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Whether you are about to leave the forces, have recently left the forces or if you are seeking to recruit for a security systems related position , then please contact or phone +44 (0)1489 895099 to discuss the benefits and options available to you.

Liam Gray – British Army

Liam Gray“I am just writing to say that the fast track integrated security systems course that I completed as part of my resettlement training has helped me secure a job with an installation company. I would like to thank Tavcom for the expert advice and training you gave me to help me successfully achieve this. I would recommend anybody from the forces wanting a job in the security industry to choose Tavcom. “

We are grateful to Liam for the positive feedback following his participation in the Tavcom Fast Track Integrated Systems BTEC Diploma training programme. Comprising four separate five day courses covering Access Control, CCTV, Intruder Alarms and IP, the Fast track programme is designed to be completed in just four weeks.

Liam’s service within the British army has included tours of duty in Afghanistan, Canada, Jordan and Kenya. Looking to build on his skills as an electrician acquired during his 10 years in the army, Liam decided to take advantage of the Ministry of Defence funded Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) scheme to book his place on the Fast Track programme. The ELC scheme is designed to assist service personnel to fund training courses as part of their resettlement into civilian life.

Following his successful completion of the programme, and having left the army in February 2015, Liam was immediately employed as an installation and service engineer by Camwatch, which has recently been acquired by VPS Holdings Ltd.

Wayne Dalton – British Army

 Wayne Dalton“Having served my country overseas in Germany, Afghanistan and Iraq for eight years as a driver in the British Army, I decided to take advantage of the Ministry of Defence funded Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) scheme to help me fund the cost of a training courses which could help me develop a career when I resettled in a civilian job.

I had the opportunity to take over my father’s business, Chris Dalton Aerials, and although the company is very successful, having over many years established an excellent reputation for the quality of its work, I felt there was an opportunity to expand into other areas which require the same high standards of workmanship. With this in mind, I signed up for the Tavcom Practical CCTV training course.

As it says in the Tavcom catalogue, this five day course offers a combination of ‘need to know’ classroom theory and ‘hands-on ‘experience. This proved to be an ideal way for me to take on board all the important day-to-day practical issues that I needed to know about in order to meet customers’ expectations when we win orders to install CCTV. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tavcom Training to anyone who wishes to learn about how to professionally install a CCTV system.” 

Gareth Smith – Royal Marines

Gareth Smith

There are an increasing number of installation companies offering apprenticeships to school, college and university leavers and Tavcom, the UK’s leading security systems training company, has been playing its part in helping many of these eager to learn apprentices by providing theoretical and hands-on training on a wide range of electronic security topics. Tavcom also offers training programmes for more mature students, many of whom are ex-service personnel who are able to take advantage of the Ministry of Defence funded Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) scheme to fund training courses as part of their resettlement into civilian life.

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Gareth Smith is one of many ex-service personnel who, having decided to embark on a career within the electronic security industry, signed up for a Tavcom training course specifically designed for those entering the security systems sectors for the first time.

Gareth’s story though is a particularly interesting one. There is no easy route into the Royal Marines. The average man on the street can only marvel at what it takes to achieve the high levels of physical fitness and expertise required to be accepted by one of the world’s most admired sections of the British armed forces. Royal Marines training for recruits is the longest basic modern infantry training programme of any NATO combat troops, with much of the basics carried out on rugged terrain such as that found in Dartmoor and with a major part of it taking place at night.

Far too modest to claim that he may have above average qualities needed to achieve what is necessary to be accepted into the ranks of the Royal Marines, Gareth Smith is equally reticent to talk about what he endured during three years as a frontline infantryman. But having spent a total of six years serving his country, including three years as part of the Royal Marines administrative department, Gareth is determined that the discipline and organisational skills that he acquired during his time in the Royal Marines, should be put to good use in the business world.

A large number of ex-armed forces personnel when considering a career within the security industry tend to gravitate towards working with companies that provide man guarding or personnel protections type services. This was in fact the path Gareth initially took when he left the Royal Marines. For four years Gareth was employed by a company in Iraq providing close protection for key workers. There then followed a period of employment which has seen Gareth working within maritime security which  essentially means playing a part in deterring piracy and other forms of criminal activity.  

Gareth however wants, as he calls it, to ‘spread his wings’. He has an ambition to run his own company one day and he feels that the best opportunity for him to do so is in the world of electronic security. With this in mind Gareth set about researching how he could best utilise his ELCs to give him a comprehensive grounding on what it takes to design, install and maintain all aspect of electronic security.

“I discovered that Tavcom were offering a Fast Track Integrated Systems BTEC Diploma training programme and having taken a very close look at the syllabus, it very quickly became apparent that it was ideal for someone like myself who was able to take large amounts of information on board in a relatively short period of time,” said Gareth.

The Tavcom Fast Track Integrated Systems BTEC Diploma training programme is designed to be completed in just four weeks. It comprises four separate five day courses covering Access Control, CCTV, Intruder Alarms and IP. Gareth successfully completed the Fast Track programme over a six week period having decided because of work commitments to have a two week break in the middle of the programme. “I needed to invest my  ELC’s wisely and I am pleased to report that I was able to do so by booking a place on the Tavcom Fast Track programme,” said Gareth. “The Tavcom tutors have all at some point in their own careers been ‘at the coal face’ and therefore understand the real-life  practical issues involved in the design, installation and servicing of security systems, as well as being able to communicate the theory to students like myself in an easy to understand way. Of key importance, the guys at Tavcom clearly understand how much information can be absorbed by a student at one time and for that information to stick.”  

Gareth, after completing a contract in Kenya, intends to return to the UK in the near future with a view to putting what he learnt on the Tavcom Fast track programme to practical use. Isecure Systems Ltd, a company Gareth is setting up in partnership with his brother, will began operating early in 2014. Gareth is disciplined, ambitious and determined and so watch this space. We are certain to hear a lot more about Gareth over the coming years.  [/wpex]

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