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Consultancy Services for the Security Industry
The Tavcom Technical Services Group is an association of highly qualified and fully independent experts who have joined forces to offer an invaluable ‘one stop shop’ for individuals and organisations around the world who are seeking the ‘Gold Standard’ of specialist guidance in security-related fields. Our areas of expertise encompass all security sectors from CCTV, Network IP, intruder alarms, access control and all other forms of electronic security to IT systems, counter eavesdropping techniques and personnel and asset protection. We have access to an impressive array of technical resources including an advanced product testing laboratory and an extensive area of real estate suitable for the evaluation and development of large scale systems.

All members of the TTS have been hand-picked as leading authorities in their respective fields. Each of them has unrivalled technical knowledge and a thorough understanding of ‘real world’ security issues. The TTS team includes engineers and technicians, designers, project managers and auditors, systems operators, business advisors and technical authors. By providing quick and easy access to a premium directory of expertise with a single point of contact for communication, accountability and finance we are able to save you considerable time and cost when employing consultancy services. Furthermore, with over 300 years of experience to our credit, we can also provide you with one other priceless commodity. Peace of mind.


The Consultant’s Consultants
The TTS has broken new ground in the provision of security consultancy. By bringing together a group of individuals with the highest available levels of expertise in both technical and operational fields we have created an outstanding ‘Special Force’ of security talent. In addition to standard consultancy services, our team provides rare and highly specialised skills. These elite professional services are available not only to end-users, manufacturers and suppliers but also to other consultants who may occasionally require focused support with particularly complex or uncommon security challenges.

Working individually or in integrated groups we can carry out ‘surgical strikes’ of assistance and advice to tackle and solve the thorniest and most unusual projects and problems. The TTS can respond to the most pressing emergencies and our services may be utilised on a cost-effective short term basis. TTS consultants operate internationally and are available to clients from private and public bodies around the globe.

A Professional Service for Professional People
After fifteen years at the heart of the worldwide security systems industry, Tavcom has developed close and valuable links with all the leading manufacturers and suppliers of CCTV systems. We have also developed a reputation for fierce independence. We are not allied to, or representative of, any one company in particular. We guarantee that you will receive a fully impartial service.  The TTS believes that there is no room for complacency at the top of any profession.

The Continuing Professional Development of our consultants is therefore of critical importance. So, in addition to receiving daily education in the ‘real world’ of the modern security systems sector, all TTS consultants undergo regular training to ensure their skills remain second to none. We take great pride in the high standard of our service. We also value your peace of mind. The TTS and all of our consultants carry full Professional Indemnity and Public Liabilty insurance. In addition, only those who possess the highest possible qualifications in their chosen disciplines are invited to join the Tavcom Technical Services Group and to operate within our framework.


TTS consultants have played pivotal roles in the birth, development and rapid growth to maturity of the modern CCTV system. Today we remain at the ‘cutting edge’ as CCTV merges rapidly with Network IP and other technologies and continues its rapid expansion throughout the UK and across the wider world.

By turning to the Tavcom Technical Services Group for professional advice you can benefit from this treasure trove of accumulated experience.

We will ensure you achieve your objectives with maximum efficiency and a minimum of stress, confusion and expense.


The days of individual security system design and operation are rapidly disappearing. In today’s world we see an accelerating trend towards the integration of systems and their convergence within a central command and control room. To be successful, integrated systems need integrated teams. Specialists must join forces and work closely together if the many strands of design, installation and operation are to be properly interwoven.

The TTS is ideally suited to this task. With our tremendous strength in depth and existing patterns of interaction we can quickly and efficiently co-operate to create the perfect system for your needs. In consultancy terms, the TTS represents the ‘best of all worlds’.

We can produce the same for you.

Our consultants are available to assist you during every stage of the design, installation and ongoing operation and upkeep of any security systems in any combination. From initial site surveys, assessments and design to drawing up maintenance contracts. From ensuring you are ‘legal’ to dispute resolution and fast-response technical firefighting, we can help you every step of the way.


The TTS offers a wide range of specialist operational, technical and other business services to clients within the security industry and in all governmental, commercial and industrial sectors worldwide.

The services listed in this section are only a representative sample of the many areas of expertise provided by our consultants.

For most problems and projects we can provide a specialist from within our own permanent team.



The Tavcom Technical Services Group is a sister company of Tavcom Training, the UK’s leading provider of security systems training courses.

Tavcom Training teaches the correct ways to select, install, operate, maintain and manage CCTV, Network IP, access control, intruder alarm, fire alarm and all other forms of electronic security systems. We teach company executives, systems operators, installation engineers, sales and project managers, control room operators and all other security systems personnel throughout the industry.

Our clients include Central Government, Local Government, Police and Armed Forces, the Prison Service and commercial organisations from sole traders to multinational corporations.

Tavcom’s system of lectures followed immediately by ‘hands-on’ practical training sessions provides our students with an effective, enjoyable learning experience.

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