Tavcom centre stage at IFSEC International 2016

Tavcom  has announced an impressive line-up of expert speakers who will be sharing their knowledge in the Tavcom Training Theatre during this year’s IFSEC International exhibition which takes place 21 – 23 June, 2016 at EXCEL London.
Free of charge and free of jargon
As in previous years, the variety of the topics covered by the free to attend lectures, ensure there is something for everyone involved within the security sector including, installers, systems designers, technical support personnel and end-users.
“We are delighted to yet again be invited by the organisers of IFSEC International to conduct a wide range of free-to attend lectures,” said Paul Tennent, Managing Director of Tavcom. “The objective of the lectures will be to provide show visitors with an insight into the knowledge they can acquire in order to develop their skills and take their careers in security to the next level. I would encourage anyone visiting IFSEC to attend one of these  lectures and take the opportunity the to pick up valuable knowledge, hints and tips from our team of experts.”
Attend one of the following sessions and earn CPD units whist taking the opportunity to pick up valuable knowledge, hints and tips from the experts.
The Rule of Three: Experience, Professionalism and Qualification in Security Management
Speaker: Ken Livingstone
This presentation examines the symbiotic, though often difficult, relationship between qualification, experience and professional association in security management. It looks at how professionalism is being redefined in the practice of modern security management and considers where the future of security ‘professionalism’ is headed.
 Public to Private – Transition or a New Beginning?
Speaker: Ciaran Barry
Is a career within the commercial security sector easily attainable, or is it a closed network only accessible by career long, high ranking officers? With experience comes knowledge, but with youth comes creativity and change. As security is linked to technology, should we be looking to employ the seasoned professional or taking a risk on the budding apprentice?
Having himself recently transitioned into the commercial sector, Ciaran highlights the attributes of those transitioning, along with the potential shortfalls. He will also provide hints, and tips for those aspiring to enter the industry.
Alphabet Soup – the wonderful world of network acronyms and abbreviations explained.
 Speaker: Peter Mason
Do you sometimes feel that you’re drowning in unintelligible jargon and abbreviations? In this tutorial, Peter will go through a number of the most frequently used techno-speak words, unravel their meaning in a simple and jargon-less way, and show how they are used in Video over IP applications. Peter will deal with the terminology used in VLANs, IP addresses, bandwidth, bit rate, IPv6, compression, routers and other essential network aspects. By the end of this, you will be able to hold your own when talking to the “experts”!
Network Performance? It’s easy when you know how!
Speaker: Peter Mason
It’s all very well having a state of the art IP network, but how do you know whether it is working correctly in accordance with the Operational Requirement? If something seems to have gone wrong, how quickly could you, or your ‘experts’, find out where and what is wrong, and quickly put it right? Peter will explain how to use a number of simple and readily-available tools to carry out measurement and testing and show you, with the help of live demonstrations, the steps to take to put things right.
Is your Video Surveillance System (CCTV) watertight?
Speaker: Jon Laws
In this session, Jon will address the issues associated with a VSS being connected over the network for remote operation. What do you need to watch out for? What are the ‘cyber’ risks? Why are they not usually addressed? What to do to help yourself? Why would you ever want to look remotely at your CCTV system when you’re in a popular high street coffee bar?!! He will also address some of the methods by which you can protect yourself.
 HD Analogue V IP
Speaker: Jon Laws
You may have thought that analogue had died, but has it? In this session Jon will examine the benefits of megapixel technology and will address the challenge of transmitting high definition images over networks, including bandwidth issues. Is there a more economic and practical solution? Bearing in mind the problems of interconnected networks and integration, is there a viable alternative in HD over coax?
 CCTV – The ingredients for evidence gathering
Speaker: Richard Beckley
The quality of systems, compliance with regulations and excellent training to ensure staff competence, are all key ingredients to ensure that CCTV is used as an effective tool for crime prevention and subsequent investigations.
In this session, Richard will argue that system set up, the methods used in the initial retrieval of CCTV data and the need for competence to meet standards set by the forensic regulator, are a collective responsibility to be met by all those within the security industry and law enforcement. Now, more than ever, we need to ensure that CCTV footage is fully utilised to prevent and investigate terrorism and criminal activity.
Know Your Onions or Start to Cry
Speaker: Angus Darroch-Warren
In this session, consideration is given to the requirements for implementing successful and effective security programmes.
Angus Darroch-Warren has immense experience as an independent security consultant, which has seen him provide advice on a wide range of security issues to International clients in the oil, gas, metals, financial services, pharmaceuticals, food & drink and construction sectors. He is therefore ideally placed to address the need to follow a structured process and takes cognisance of relevant criminological theories and principles, as well as incorporating products that meet appropriate physical security standards.
 Safety Advice for Travellers
Speaker: Steve Swain
For the business traveller, the terrorist attacks that have taken place recently in Europe and other parts of the world, illustrate all too clearly the importance of taking some basic security precautions to minimise the risks when moving around. Some of this advice is very relevant to the holidaymaker as well, particularly given the recent events in Belgium, France, Tunisia, Turkey and Egypt.
This presentation will set out some basic guidelines that business travellers and tourists can adopt to mitigate the risks associated with travelling, both in the UK and overseas.

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