2016 Tavcom Prospectus

The 2016 Tavcom prospectus is designed to enable existing as well as potential new clients to see the full range of Tavcom training programmes at a glance and to be able to quickly gain an appreciation of what our individual specialist courses have to offer.

As you would expect from the world’s leading provider of online and classroom based security systems training, we are constantly reviewing how we should provide inclusive and flexible forms of training that meet the needs of security professionals who want to be able to succeed in a fast-changing and competitive environment. We have, for example, introduced classroom based cyber security courses, delivered by hand-picked tutors who are expert in a crucial area of security that is increasingly in the limelight.
We have also adopted a new cutting edge software platform in order to improve the student’s experience of learning at their own pace and in their own time when they participate in one of our online E-learning online courses.

Your choice – Classroom, E-learning or In-House
An ever increasing number of Tavcom clients are capitalising on the advantages of ‘in-house’ training programmes which reflect the world in which they operate in and are tailored to meet the specific requirements of its employees. In-house courses can be run at a time and place of your choosing, maximising convenience and minimising travel and accommodation costs.
Click here to download your copy of the 2016 Prospectus. Wherever you are in the world, contact Tavcom for a no obligation discussion on which training method best meets your needs.

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