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This Level 3 course has been specifically designed to give you the knowledge and understanding required to be able to design cost-effective Access Control systems that conform to the relevant international and national regulations. It will also give you the skills and ability necessary to service and maintain equipment at component level.

As with all our professionally conducted training courses, your designated tutor is on hand to guide you through the necessary explanation of the components, the legislation, the Standards and the practical projects assigned to allow you to design systems with compatible equipment that is properly graded.The course contains 8 modules, requiring approximately 35 hours of study in total.  There are no prerequisites and no qualifications needed to enrol.

Course Cost: £295

Recommended Duration: 30 hours
Pricing Includes: VAT and Tavcom Certificate

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shutterstock_94321636Course Content

A brief summary of the course content:
This interactive distance learning course is divided into 8 modules, dealing with specific subjects. Each module contains Learning Points to re-inforce the content and regular self assessment questions are provided to check a student’s learning and progress throughout the course.

On completion of all 8 modules, a 20 question Assessment and a Project is sent to each student, successful completion of which results in the award of a Level 3 qualification.

DLAC Content

Module 1 – Standards and Surveying

The main standards bodies which impact on access control systems are introduced. The role of the surveyor is explained which includes the grading of access control system and the Equality Act 2014 and how it effects the system design.

Module 2 – Entry Phones and Single Door Access

An introduction to how to secure a single access control door using mechanical and electric methods. An explanation the use of entry phones and the different types available.

Module 3 – Electronic and Wireless Door Locks

The range of wireless door locks are explained from the Online to Offline types and explanations of the benefits and disadvantages to the various types.

Module 4 – Door Equipment including Barriers

This module will introduce all of the physical equipment that is used to secure an access control door. Starting with the card reader and how it operates through to door monitoring and the emergency override. Biometric readers are discussed along with the various types of locking mechanisms for doors as well as the different types of barriers available.

Module 5 – Hardware, Power Supplies and Cabling

With the various types of access control hardware that are available today we look at how they communicate to the door equipment and to the access control server. Power requirements for these various types of hardware as well as cabling are also explained.

Module 6 – Software Functionality

The software module explains the various types of software available and how all the software elements are brought together to make a working system. The module then explains each of the software functionalities from time zones to cardholder management. along with an explanation on anti-passback and how to correctly setup and use within an access control system.

Module 7 – Fire Alarm Integration

How the access control system can be integrated into a fire alarm system to allow doors to open in the event of a fire alarm activation.

Module 8 – Commissioning

This final module explains how to commission an access control system, the use of resistors, ohms law and how to capture the electrical measurements required.

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Warren Collins

Warren CollinsWarren began his career after completing an electronic engineering apprenticeship at Marconi Defence Systems. Warren entered the electronic security industry in 1990 and spent thirteen years working for electronic security installation and service companies in leading technical positions.

In 2003 Warren moved into manufacturing and spent 9 years with access control manufacturers Nedap then Maxxess reaching the position of Product Manager.

In 2011 Warren joined CNL Software as the Product Integration Manager where he was responsible for the delivery of CNL’s (PSIM) software integrations.

Today Warren is an independent security consultant and also delivers training courses both online and in the classroom for Tavcom Training.


Course Pricing

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Telephone: +44 (0) 1489 895099

Course Cost: £295

Recommended Duration: 30 hours
Pricing Includes: VAT and Tavcom Certificate

Buy Now

We accept most major credit and debit cards.
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