Network Infrastructure Bitesize Bundle

Course Overview

In this Network Infrastructure bitesize bundle we look at IPv4 – which is still in widespread use today. You’ll learn about IPv4 in private networks, including CCTV, and how IPv4 works. The bundle covers masking, moving onto the better-known IPv6 as used in public networks, such as those provided by ISPs and carriers such as BT, perfect for those with an interest in IP addressing in general.

We take a look at how the current 4th and 5th generation mobile networks have evolved, and how faster speeds have been achieved before moving on to Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) communication technology (using light to transmit data). Li-Fi – is the latest and possibly the most exciting alternative to Wi-Fi and mobile networks. These jargon-free short courses are aimed at anyone with an interest in how these interesting technologies work, and with an interest in IP addressing in general.

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What will you learn?

  • IPv4 Explained
  • The Bluffer's Guide to IPv6
  • Li-Fi Bitesize
  • A Simple Guide to Mobile Networks

£39.60 inc. VAT

Learner’s Own Pace

Tavcom Certificate (8 CPD Points)

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