Local Area Networks Bitesize Bundle – Part 1

Course Overview

This bundle of four bitesize learning modules takes a fascinating look at LANs ( Local Area Networks) and the relationship between bit rate and bandwidth. You’ll learn how cabled networks and broadband supports high data rates, together with their impact on CCTV quality. We also take a look at the most popular types of UTP cable and their connectors and explore the range of simple tools and utilities which are available to trace faults, determine end-to-end delay and pinpoint problems in IP networks.

Course learning image

What will you learn?

  • Bandwidth and Bit Rate
  • Cat5, 5e or 6 – What does it mean?
  • IP Tools & Utilities
  • Local Area Networks

£39.60 inc. VAT

Learner’s Own Pace

Tavcom Certificate (8 CPD Points)

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