Advanced Body Language Skills for CCTV – Tavcom Certificate

Course Overview

‘Behavioural detection’ refers to a method of detecting individuals with hostile intentions by observing their behaviours for stress-related differences, and activities. It can be used as part of a systematic approach to disrupt criminals and terrorists carrying out activities that aim to cause harm to others.

However, not all people exhibiting particular behaviours are hostile. In fact, this will be a very small percentage of those being observed. Behaviours alone will not solve concerns, this needs to be incorporated with other security measures, such as a security or staff approach, which can, where possible, be masked in a customer service approach.

The CCTV Operator perception can be affected by human biases. This course focuses on CCTV operators understanding and assessing images objectively and then using that knowledge to help staff accurately risk-assess situations. It also develops the benefits of working in partnership with staff who are deployed to speak to a subject to complete the process. Furthermore, the course covers the scientific and behavioural elements in a simple and effective manner, making good use of video, CCTV live recordings, and discussion with instructors who are highly experienced practitioners in this fascinating subject.

If you are looking to better understand (a) different behavioural detection approaches, (b) the strengths and weaknesses of these, and (c) how to apply behavioural detection methods to specific environments to maximise the security of a location and its people, this course will be of interest to you.

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What will you learn?

  • Overview of Behavioural Detection development
  • Learn how to manage common CCTV operator errors in observation and judgement
  • Using technology and other resources available effectively
  • Identify what are suspicious behaviours
  • Situational awareness
  • The importance of setting a baseline
  • Why anxiety and or deception triggers behavioural change
  • Cultural differences
  • Identifying risk behaviour
  • Evidence collection
  • Identify behaviours and activities indicative of Hostile Reconnaissance
  • Understand the threat potential of an Insider Threat

£575.00 + VAT

2 Days

Tavcom Certificate

Accommodation with dinner, bed & breakfast can be included for an additional cost of £85pn + VAT. Please make a note on your booking form if you wish to add this option.

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