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Case Study: CCTV Manager, Cheshire East Council

Company: Cheshire East Council

Name: Stuart Hobson, CCTV Manager

Courses: Managing CCTV Control Rooms; SIA

The Cheshire East Council central control room was established in June 2011, to provide continuous monitoring 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days per year. Its CCTV network of over 150 ‘on street’ and over 90 car park cameras are deployed throughout 14 towns across the Borough, with the team managing approximately 1,100 incidents per month.

The challenge

Keeping up-to-date with best practice, understanding fast changing CCTV legislation and continual career development is vital to the successful day-to-day operations of the control room, and training has a crucial role. Its CCTV Manager, Stuart Hobson, was looking for a training provider and when he attended IFSEC International, he was impressed by the quality of the presenters speaking at the Tavcom Theatre. To further endorse his decision, their control room counterparts in Chester had already received training from Tavcom.

The solution

The first course undertaken was Managing CCTV Control Rooms, delivered at Tavcom’s training centre in Hampshire. Hobson explains: “It was a very challenging course, but the trainers were incredibly supportive. They really do enthuse you and ensure you get the most out of the course.” After successfully completing the course Hobson decided that Tavcom should be the control room’s training provider.

To make it easier for the whole team to benefit from training, Tavcom tutors also worked on-site in Macclesfield for two-weeks, to deliver its SIA course. Hobson adds: “Closing the control room for training is not an option, so the fact that Tavcom were willing and able to accommodate our busy schedules was fantastic.”

One of the aspects that has impressed most is the calibre of the tutors, who are always industry leaders with phenomenal knowledge: “Tavcom tutors understand their subject matter inside out and that is what enthuses people to learn and want to better themselves,” adds Hobson.

The benefits

To date, Cheshire East Council has completed six courses with Tavcom and Hobson observes how this has benefited him personally: “I can’t stress how much it has done to prepare me for my career. As soon as I finished the course I was confidently fielding briefings with the BBC and meetings with our Chief Executive. What’s more, everyone now comes to me for advice. That is the difference a course with Tavcom can make.”

He also notes the impact it has had on his team: “Working in a control room can be very stressful if you do not have the right training behind you. Thanks to our Tavcom training, I know we have the right staff in the right place with the right knowledge to do the job.”

Looking to the near future, the team will be undertaking the Advanced Control Rooms Skills course and as Hobson concludes: “We can’t wait for it!”.

Jim Muir takes advantage of Tavcom’s Resettlement Initiative …

jim-muirJim Muir is a great example of someone who has taken advantage of the Tavcom Resettlement initiative which has been set up to facilitate the transition of ex-forces personnel into the security sector.

Having spent 15 years in the army, Jim decided that he wanted to embark on a new career within the electronic security sector and realised that in order to do so, he needed to learn new skills in addition to those he acquired whilst in the army.

Jim decided to book his place on the Tavcom Fast Track Integrated Systems BTEC Diploma training programme. This comprises four separate five day courses covering Access Control, CCTV, Intruder Alarms and IP, and is designed to be completed in just four weeks.

Jim has kindly provided the following comments;
“I carried out quite a lot of research to find out which training provider could offer me the best level of training and all roads led to Tavcom as they are so well established in this area. I was also impressed with the fact that they understood the needs of ex-forces personnel.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all at Tavcom, from the office staff to the tutors, for their assistance and encouragement throughout the course. At times I thought I was out of my depth but the help your tutors gave me was above and beyond.”

Following his successful completion of the programme, Jim is being supported by Tavcom’s Resettlement recruitment partner, Cento Fire & Security Jobs, in his search for a rewarding career within the electronic security industry.

IMG_2325Innovative Technology Company (ITC) provides a wide range of security and defence services to its clients in Kuwait. In particular, since it was established in 1995 by a group of associates with a long standing military background, ITC has striven to play a major role in security, the oil industry and infrastructures in Kuwait.

Zaid al Sanea and Mohammad Jaber, Systems Engineers for ITC, recently visited the UK in order to study for Tavcom’s BTEC accredited Security Systems Fast Track Diploma which covers CCTV, Intruder Alarms, Access Control and Networking & IP topics. Both were able to complete all the relevant courses within their one month target.

Zaid has kindly provided the following feedback:

“Mohammad and I have thoroughly enjoyed our time studying in the Tavcom Training Centre for the Fast Track Security Systems Diploma. It was extremely useful to listen to the excellent Tavcom tutors who so willingly shared their experience which they had gained whilst working in real life situations. We also highly valued the hands-on practical sessions in the Tavcom workshops which really helped us to understand how to utilise best practise when installing a wide range of electronic security equipment.

I would recommend this Diploma course to any security professional or engineer who wishes to quickly gain a thorough understanding of key issues relating to CCTV, Intruder Alarms, Access Control and Networking & IP systems. I personally found the CCTV and IP courses to be absolutely amazing. What I learnt on these courses will be of great use to me in my day-to-day work in Kuwait.”

Les Green

Les Green worked for 24 years as a Facilities Manager for the NHS. His responsibilities included overseeing the deployment and maintenance of Access Control, CCTV intruder and fire alarms systems at a major hospital in East London.

For personal reasons, Les took the opportunity to apply for voluntary redundancy, but having taken time off to care for a loved one, Les decided he wished to embark on a new career working within the electronic security industry. In order to do so, Les understood that he needed to acquire a greater knowledge of the practical aspects of installing CCTV and intruder alarms systems.

 I recently attended Tavcom’s Practical CCTV and Practical Intruder Alarm systems training courses. I already had a general understanding of electronic security systems which I acquired through my work activities at an NHS hospital, but I realised that if I was to have a successful second career, it was essential to fill in some gaps in my knowledge.

I was a little apprehensive about going back into a learning environment having not done so since I left school many years before. Any lack of confidence evaporated the moment I walked through the entrance of the Tavcom Training Centre door to participate in the first of the two training courses. The warm welcome I received from many members of the Tavcom team instantly made me  feel at home. Most importantly, the level of help and encouragement I received from the Tavcom tutor throughout the five days of the course was matched in equal measure by the quality of the course materials and the excellent way in which the tutor delivered the course.

I have come away from both courses equipped with new skill sets and a degree of knowledge that has increased my enthusiasm for developing a career in the electronic security sector.

Les Green


“Having set up Protecteon-Plus for what I saw was a gap in the market for bespoke security solutions in Devon – I wanted, as Managing Director of the company, to ensure that we were up to date with the very latest developments in electronic security technology. I particularly wanted to ensure that our work reflected best practice in all aspects of a security system design, installation and maintenance.

In the process of applying for industry body certification I became aware that Tavcom Training was very much a respected and preferred supplier of security systems training. It therefore became an easy decision to make in terms of looking to Tavcom for all our training requirements.

[wpex more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]

During the latter part of 2015, I participated in a number of Tavcom training courses including Practical IP, Practical Fire, Practical CCTV and Practical Intruder Alarms. The IP course was of particular interest to us as we felt that Protecteon-Plus was well placed to embrace the very latest technology going forward.

I am pleased to report that all four courses provided me with an excellent grounding on the practical issues that we need to take on board – to ensure that we always fulfil our client’s requirements – and deliver the highest levels of pre and post sales service.

I can recommend Tavcom to anyone who wishes to learn in a friendly, classroom environment, with the help of highly knowledgeable and helpful tutors. The speed of technological change within the security industry also dictates that we will be returning to Tavcom in the future – to keep pace with events!”

Stephen Cockett
Protecteon – Plus


Ian Robins – Jersey Police

Ian Robins


The investment made in Tavcom training courses has been more than justified,
it was essential that I acquired the necessary knowledge and skill sets if I was to
smoothly take over responsibility for the management of Jersey’s town centre,
harbour and airport video surveillance systems, as well as the implementation
of any new systems. In addition to endeavouring to maintain and prolong the life
of existing analogue systems, I also wanted to fully understand the implications
of a planned and seamless migration to IP network based solutions.”

Ian Robins, Police Communications Infrastructure Manager
within the IT Department of States of Jersey Police



[wpex more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]

The States of Jersey Police serves a resident population of nearly 98,000 people as well as over 700,000 visitors to Jersey each year. The challenges involved in policing Jersey are in theory the equivalent of policing a small town in the United Kingdom. However, Jersey’s status as a Crown Dependency with its own government and legislation creates a distinct policing environment, the main difference being that the States of Jersey Police must be largely self-sufficient in developing and maintaining services that are normally provided through a local, regional and national level police service infrastructure in the United Kingdom.

With budgets under constant pressure, the States of Jersey Police took a close look at how it installs and maintains its CCTV systems and decided that the most cost-effective option was to use in-house resources. With this in mind, Ian Robins, Police Communications Infrastructure Manager within the IT Department of the States of Jersey Police undertook the training which would enable him to become the States of Jersey Police’s expert on the deployment of video surveillance systems.

Over a twelve month period, Ian attended Tavcom’s training centre in Bishops Waltham, Hampshire and participated in a wide range of courses conducted by Tavcom’s tutors. The first series of courses enabled Ian to successfully complete a BTEC Level 3 Diploma and in the process he was able to receive expert tuition on the planning, design and management of video surveillance systems.

The second series of courses, which resulted in Ian completing a BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Security Management, covered project management and security consultancy, as well as disaster recovery and the management of technology.


Richard Conlon

Richard Conlon

“In 2010 due to economic downturn, I found myself out of work and decided to invest some of my redundancy payment in the Professional Practices of CCTV System Design distant learning course conducted by Tavcom Training. The distant learning format worked well for me because during that time I moved to Japan and worked in several different countries. The BTEC level 5 course challenged me on many levels which peaked my interest and vastly broadened my understanding of the key issues in respect of the design of CCTV systems.

“I have since achieved a Master of Science degree from Buckinghamshire New University. Tavcom certainly helped me on my way and I would like to extend my gratitude to all those involved” Richard Conlon

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“In 2010, due to economic downturn I found myself out of work and decided to invest some of my redundancy payment in the Professional Practices of CCTV System Design distant learning course conducted by Tavcom Training. I soon found suitable employment overseas and continued the course. I had always wanted to consolidate my experience into something more tangible and meaningful.

The distant learning format worked well for me because during that time I moved to Japan and worked in several different countries. The BTEC level 5 course challenged me on many levels which peaked my interest and vastly broadened my understanding of the key issues in respect of the design of CCTV systems. Tavcom instructors always availed themselves to me and provided continuous support.

 Not too long after completing the Tavcom course, I was offered a consultancy/project management role in the Middle East by the company I was working for before I started the Tavcom course. Such a role would probably not have been offered to me without the qualification. I was soon inspired to progress further and discovered the opportunity to study for an MSc in Business Continuity, Security and Emergency Management.

I have since achieved a Master of Science degree from Buckinghamshire New University. Tavcom certainly helped me on my way and I would like to extend my gratitude to all those involved. I am already thinking about other Tavcom training programmes that I would now like to take.” Richard Conlon


Liam Gray – British Army

Liam Gray“I am just writing to say that the fast track integrated security systems course that I completed as part of my resettlement training has helped me secure a job with an installation company. I would like to thank Tavcom for the expert advice and training you gave me to help me successfully achieve this. I would recommend anybody from the forces wanting a job in the security industry to choose Tavcom. “

We are grateful to Liam for the positive feedback following his participation in the Tavcom Fast Track Integrated Systems BTEC Diploma training programme. Comprising four separate five day courses covering Access Control, CCTV, Intruder Alarms and IP, the Fast track programme is designed to be completed in just four weeks.

Liam’s service within the British army has included tours of duty in Afghanistan, Canada, Jordan and Kenya. Looking to build on his skills as an electrician acquired during his 10 years in the army, Liam decided to take advantage of the Ministry of Defence funded Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) scheme to book his place on the Fast Track programme. The ELC scheme is designed to assist service personnel to fund training courses as part of their resettlement into civilian life.

Following his successful completion of the programme, and having left the army in February 2015, Liam was immediately employed as an installation and service engineer by Camwatch, which has recently been acquired by VPS Holdings Ltd.

Anthony Sykes – Babcock International Group

Anthony Sykes 2Anthony Sykes is Principal Project Engineer for the Network Engineering and Support Services division of Babcock International Group, the UK’s leading engineering support services organisation with revenue of over £3.5bn in 2014 and an order book of circa £12 billion.

“Eleven of my colleagues and myself recently participated in a training programme conducted by Tavcom at our offices in Crewe. The programme comprised a one day CCTV ‘refresher’ followed by a three day BTEC level 3 certificated CCTV over IP course and the purpose of the course was to ensure that we were up to speed on the latest advances in video surveillance solutions.

[wpex more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]

I was very impressed with the way Tavcom tailored the training programme to our specific needs. Firstly, the course material took into account the competences of my colleagues, whose job roles vary from service engineering, site management and system design. Secondly, the programme was sufficiently flexible to build in theoretical scenarios which were relevant to our day-to-day work and during the three day CCTV over IP course it was very useful to be able to discuss the requirements of projects we are currently working on within the context of what we were learning.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Tavcom to any organisation which needs its employees to be kept up-to-date with cutting edge video surveillance technology.” [/wpex]

Craig Williams – SEF Consultancy Ltd

Craig WilliamsCraig Williams’ appetite for learning accelerated whilst he was working at a West Midlands installation company. “During my five years there as an installation and service engineer I gained considerable practical hands-on experience, but it became obvious that I needed to take on board a lot more knowledge so that I could fully understand what was needed to ensure that a security solution met, if not exceeded, the client’s expectations.”

Entirely at his own cost and in his own time, Craig enrolled in 2008 on a number of Tavcom training courses covering a wide range of subjects. This was followed in 2011 with Craig, once again at his own cost, enrolling on two further Tavcom BTEC accredited courses.

[wpex more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]

“I wanted to fill in what I regarded as important gaps in my knowledge and I knew from my previous experiences working with Tavcom that I would get extremely good value from their Practical Internet Protocol and Practical Access Control courses.

“The completion of these two courses enabled me to accumulate enough points to gain an Internationally recognised Integrated Systems Diploma, and gave me the confidence to think about implementing a long held ambition to establish my own consultancy.” [/wpex]

James Ryan – City University

DSC_0044“I am Supervisor of the security team that is tasked to create a safe and secure environment for students and staff who work at City University which is located in the heart of London and has been ranked among the top 5% of universities in the world.

At my appraisal, opportunities were identified for professional development and the need for me to have the knowledge to be able to comply with SIA licence requirements. As a result, my manager authorised my participation in the Tavcom BTEC accredited CCTV Public Space Surveillance Diploma course.

[wpex more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]

This was one of the best courses that I have ever been on. The facilities at Tavcom’s training centre are excellent and the tutor, David White, who conducted the four day course, is a credit to Tavcom. He delivered a first class course with some fun mixed in which helped the learning process. I shall certainly be looking to attend other Tavcom training courses in the future.” [/wpex]

Issa Issack – African Barrick Gold (Pty)

Issa Issack“I am a Security System Technician for African Barrick Gold at the Bulyanhulu Gold Mine in Tanzania. African Barrick Gold, which is Tanzania’s largest gold producer and one of the largest in Africa, is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for its staff. The company’s CCTV systems provide a valuable tool to help us achieve this objective.

I have recently completed the Tavcom online Professional Practices of CCTV System Design BTEC level 5 Diploma and wish to place on record my satisfaction with the course content and the support that I received from Tavcom’s expert tutors.

[wpex more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]

I studied online at my own pace and it took me one year and seven months to complete the Diploma. What I have learnt in the process is proving to be highly valuable to me in terms of carrying out my day-to-day work duties and to allowing me to take on more responsibility. I now know how to plan, budget, design and commission a CCTV System as well as how to troubleshoot and evaluate a system’s performance. I also now have the underpinning skills to develop and write reports including Risk Assessments and Operational Requirements.” [/wpex]

Alastair Cochrane – Safer Runnymede Team

“I attended the Advanced Control Room Operator Course in November 2013 run by Tavcom Training at its Bishops Waltham training centre. The course met my expectations in that it provided me with some excellent additional training skills and a more in-depth look at control room operations, as well as some of the technical aspects of the control room environment.

One area of the course that has particularly been of enormous personal benefit was the sections which covered advanced telephony and call handling skills. In December 2013 and January 2014, areas within Runnymede Borough Council saw some of the worst flooding since 1947.

The volume of out of hour’s calls to the control room was tremendous and I was able to put into practice many of the skills I obtained from Tavcom when dealing with highly emotional and distressed members of the public. This was a worthwhile and enjoyable training course in a pleasant environment with very professional training staff.”

Wayne Dalton

 Wayne Dalton“Having served my country overseas in Germany, Afghanistan and Iraq for eight years as a driver in the British Army, I decided to take advantage of the Ministry of Defence funded Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) scheme to help me fund the cost of a training courses which could help me develop a career when I resettled in a civilian job.

I had the opportunity to take over my father’s business, Chris Dalton Aerials, and although the company is very successful, having over many years established an excellent reputation for the quality of its work, I felt there was an opportunity to expand into other areas which require the same high standards of workmanship. With this in mind, I signed up for the Tavcom Practical CCTV training course.

[wpex more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”] As it says in the Tavcom catalogue, this five day course offers a combination of ‘need to know’ classroom theory and ‘hands-on ‘experience. This proved to be an ideal way for me to take on board all the important day-to-day practical issues that I needed to know about in order to meet customers’ expectations when we win orders to install CCTV. I would have no hesitation in recommending Tavcom Training to anyone who wishes to learn about how to professionally install a CCTV system.” [/wpex]

Steve Juliff, Security Department, University of Surrey

captureThe safety and security of our students, tutors and administration staff is of paramount importance. We are also determined to protect the wonderful facilities we have at the University from vandals, as well as detect and deter theft of our valuable assets. Our CCTV system plays an important role in helping our security personnel to achieve these objectives.
We were impressed by the depth of Tavcom’s technical knowledge when we used their technical consultancy services to carry out an audit of our campus CCTV system to ensure that all the cameras were located correctly and were fit for purpose. We therefore had no hesitation in subsequently asking them to carry out in-house training courses for our control room operators to assist them in successfully applying for a SIA license.

[wpex more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]

12 of our operators completed the Tavcom ‘Working in the Private Security Industry’ SIA 1 and ‘CCTV Public Space Surveillance’ SIA 2 training courses in 2013, and we then asked Tavcom to repeat the training in January 2014 so that another six of our operators could take part. I am pleased to confirm that the communication skills of the Tavcom tutors and the content of the courses has been of an extremely high standard and we would have no hesitation is using Tavcom’s training services again in the future.  [/wpex]

Gareth Smith

Gareth Smith

There are an increasing number of installation companies offering apprenticeships to school, college and university leavers and Tavcom, the UK’s leading security systems training company, has been playing its part in helping many of these eager to learn apprentices by providing theoretical and hands-on training on a wide range of electronic security topics. Tavcom also offers training programmes for more mature students, many of whom are ex-service personnel who are able to take advantage of the Ministry of Defence funded Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) scheme to fund training courses as part of their resettlement into civilian life.

[wpex more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]

Gareth Smith is one of many ex-service personnel who, having decided to embark on a career within the electronic security industry, signed up for a Tavcom training course specifically designed for those entering the security systems sectors for the first time.

Gareth’s story though is a particularly interesting one. There is no easy route into the Royal Marines. The average man on the street can only marvel at what it takes to achieve the high levels of physical fitness and expertise required to be accepted by one of the world’s most admired sections of the British armed forces. Royal Marines training for recruits is the longest basic modern infantry training programme of any NATO combat troops, with much of the basics carried out on rugged terrain such as that found in Dartmoor and with a major part of it taking place at night.

Far too modest to claim that he may have above average qualities needed to achieve what is necessary to be accepted into the ranks of the Royal Marines, Gareth Smith is equally reticent to talk about what he endured during three years as a frontline infantryman. But having spent a total of six years serving his country, including three years as part of the Royal Marines administrative department, Gareth is determined that the discipline and organisational skills that he acquired during his time in the Royal Marines, should be put to good use in the business world.

A large number of ex-armed forces personnel when considering a career within the security industry tend to gravitate towards working with companies that provide man guarding or personnel protections type services. This was in fact the path Gareth initially took when he left the Royal Marines. For four years Gareth was employed by a company in Iraq providing close protection for key workers. There then followed a period of employment which has seen Gareth working within maritime security which  essentially means playing a part in deterring piracy and other forms of criminal activity.  

Gareth however wants, as he calls it, to ‘spread his wings’. He has an ambition to run his own company one day and he feels that the best opportunity for him to do so is in the world of electronic security. With this in mind Gareth set about researching how he could best utilise his ELCs to give him a comprehensive grounding on what it takes to design, install and maintain all aspect of electronic security.

“I discovered that Tavcom were offering a Fast Track Integrated Systems BTEC Diploma training programme and having taken a very close look at the syllabus, it very quickly became apparent that it was ideal for someone like myself who was able to take large amounts of information on board in a relatively short period of time,” said Gareth.

The Tavcom Fast Track Integrated Systems BTEC Diploma training programme is designed to be completed in just four weeks. It comprises four separate five day courses covering Access Control, CCTV, Intruder Alarms and IP. Gareth successfully completed the Fast Track programme over a six week period having decided because of work commitments to have a two week break in the middle of the programme. “I needed to invest my  ELC’s wisely and I am pleased to report that I was able to do so by booking a place on the Tavcom Fast Track programme,” said Gareth. “The Tavcom tutors have all at some point in their own careers been ‘at the coal face’ and therefore understand the real-life  practical issues involved in the design, installation and servicing of security systems, as well as being able to communicate the theory to students like myself in an easy to understand way. Of key importance, the guys at Tavcom clearly understand how much information can be absorbed by a student at one time and for that information to stick.”  

Gareth, after completing a contract in Kenya, intends to return to the UK in the near future with a view to putting what he learnt on the Tavcom Fast track programme to practical use. Isecure Systems Ltd, a company Gareth is setting up in partnership with his brother, will began operating early in 2014. Gareth is disciplined, ambitious and determined and so watch this space. We are certain to hear a lot more about Gareth over the coming years.  [/wpex]


Alan Gardner

Alan GardnerAlan Gardner FSyI, passionately believes that no matter what industry you may be working in, it is essential that you take full advantage of the training available in order for you to perform your job to the best of your ability. Alan has always adopted this approach to whatever challenge he has undertaken, and so it is not surprising that throughout his career within the electronic security industry he has taken the time to increase his knowledge and learn from experts on how he can help raise service levels of the organisations he has worked for.

Over recent years Alan has attended various training courses which have resulted in him being awarded a Tavcom BTEC accredited Integrated Systems Diploma, and in addition he has also attended various other Tavcom training courses including Managing Security, Managing Disaster Recovery and Managing CCTV Control Rooms courses all of which are BTEC Professional Award certificated. He has also attended other security management courses. [wpex more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”] 

“Some people may feel that they can learn ‘on the job’ and to some degree they are of course correct as skill sets can substantially be improved through hands-on real life experiences and by feeding off the knowledge of work colleagues,” said Alan. “However, my learning curve has always been shortened by attending courses where people who really know what they are talking about share that knowledge with me, especially in the technical areas of the CCTV sector.

Alan is so passionate about training he has always ensured that high levels of training requirements are embedded and inclusive within his staffing contracts and is helping to work towards an occupational qualification for the CCTV sector with colleagues and organisations for the future. Most of his staff have attended many TAVCOM training courses since the late 1990’s.

It can safely be said that Alan knows a considerable amount about CCTV. As the Public Safety Centre Manager for the London Borough of Enfield, he has made a point of understanding all the major issues revolving around a technology which has the potential to save lives as well as deter and detect criminal activity. He has performed this role for 18 years after successfully assisting Enfield Council with its bid for £2.1m from the Home Office and previously setting up and managing the control room of the multi-partnership system of Stevenage and North Herts Councils.  He immediately proceeded to set up the EPSC Codes of practice, processes and procedures from scratch, whilst writing the specification and tendering for staff and bringing in all existing housing cameras and new traffic enforcement cameras.

As the Public Safety Centre Manager, Alan manages a state of the art high security Alarm Receiving Centre operating CCTV, traffic camera enforcement and alarm and Lone Worker safety services to Enfield and other clients such as TFL. This is one of the largest and modern public CCTV systems in the country, which became operational in December 2002. His responsibilities include the development and management of all quality control and operational procedures, ensuring compliance with all statutory legislation, and management of all CCTV staff, equipment and contract budgets.

Alan is quite rightly proud of the Metropolitan Police Borough Commanders’ commendation he received for outstanding work on an ANPR system installation as he has always looked to help raise the standards within an industry where he has committed a large part of his career to.  As such he is a founder and Group Secretary of the CCTV National Standards Forum (CNSF), a   member of the Home Office CCTV Surveillance Standards Group and a member of the Sector Skills for Security CCTV standards expert working group as well as being the current Chair of the regional London CCTV Managers Group and Vice Chair of the National Public CCTV Managers Group.

 “There is no doubt that the knowledge I acquired whilst undertaking the Integrated Systems Diploma and the other Tavcom courses opened my mind as to how I can perform my job better and together with my hands-on work experience, has given me the credibility and confidence to provide opinions on how to raise standards, as well as to plan and develop my systems to adapt to the future direction of video surveillance technology and embrace its benefits. [/wpex]

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